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The Monte Melkonian Fund, Inc. and its sister organization, the Monte Melkonian Fund in Armenia, undertake projects and support institutions that benefit some of the most vulnerable victims of war and displacement in Armenia. These projects include:

  • The Monte Melkonian Hospital, in Martuni/Varanda. The thirty-bed hospital provides in-patient facilities, including emergency aid for land mine victims. Last spring, the Monte Melkonian Fund, Inc., together with the Los Angeles-based Friends of Armenia, sent thirty hospital beds and mattresses to the hospital.

One of thirty hospital beds personally secured by Monte Melkonianís father, and delivered to the Avo Hospital in the town of Martuni/Varanda.

  • The Monte Melkonian Kindergarten in Stepanakert. The kindergarten provides a cheerful, nurturing environment, as well as recreation and clean cots for some two hundred children in the city of Stepanakert. Most of these children come from households deprived of a breadwinner. For some of the children, the meal they receive at the Monte Melkonian Kindergarten will be their only hot meal of the day.
Children in the village of Gishi, Nagorno Karabagh, greet Commander Avo in early May, 1993--one month before his death.
  • Direct financial and in-kind aid to families of war victims. This aid has included everything from multivitamins and prenatal vitamins for hundreds of children and expecting mothers to funds for the construction of wheelchair ramps in Nor Hadjen.

The Monte Melkonian Fund, Inc. also provides support for a range of other projects, including:

  • The Monte Melkonian Kindergarten in Martuni/Varanda
  • A children's psychological counseling program in Stepanakert
  • A wheat farming project in the region of Berdzor.
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