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The Monte Melkonian Fund, Inc. is a California 501(c)(3) non-profit charity founded in 1995 by friends and followers of Armenian national hero, Monte “Avo” Melkonian. His selfless commitment to the welfare of Armenia, his personal integrity, and his vision of social justice continue to inspire.

Together with our sister organization, the Monte Melkonian Fund in Armenia, we extend a helping hand to the neediest of the needy in that country. Our projects benefit children who have suffered displacement and loss due to economic collapse, war, and institutional disintegration. Many of these children are refugees. Many have suffered physical or psychological trauma. Some have lost one or both parents, and an increasing number of them have suffered injuries from landmines and other legacies of the conflict in Nagorno Karabagh.

Even modest contributions to the Monte Melkonian Fund, Inc. go a long way. In order to keep our administrative expenses to the bare minimum, we have no paid staff outside of Armenia, and all of our work in the United States is strictly voluntary.

One of our volunteers, an American Armenian who has been living in Nagorno Karabagh for several years, confirms that even the smallest gestures have a cumulative effect, easing burdens and raising spirits. She writes:

The Monte Melkonian Fund is a small fund, but every little bit helps: A child mine victim who smiles when he receives a small ball; paper for a school without any; a thermometer for a nurse who has none; socks for a family with nine children, pens and pencils for the families of soldiers killed during the war. These little rays of sunshine make people feel better in their stressful lives and remind them that someone cares.

We hope you will consider supporting our work with your tax-deductible donation.

Bylaws Of The Monte Melkonian Fund, Inc. A California Public Benefit Corporation.

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